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What are the basic welding symbols?

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Welding symbols used in Australia are based on the Australian Standard AS 1100.101-1992. You can research the full range of welding symbols in the Engineering Drawing Handbook produced by Standards Australia and the Institution of Engineers.

Here is a selection of basic symbols to learn as a first step.

Image:Weld symbol 3.gif

Weld finishes (contour)

With butt welds the welding symbol will tell you the final finish or contour,

  • It may be ground off flush.
  • It may be left in its original state – convex.
  • Concave welds are rarely used.


Welding symbols allow the engineer or draftsperson to communicate detailed information about the weld to the welder.

Examine the examples below which show the weld required and the symbol that conveys this information.

Image:Weld symbol 4.gif

Compare these two symbols. Note what is different and what each one means:

Image:Weld symbol 5.gif

  • 10mm fillet weld other side of arrow
  • 6mm fillet weld arrow side
  • Weld on site
  • Use the gas metal arc welding process

Image:Weld symbol 6.gif

  • 6mm fillet weld on both sides
  • Weld all round
  • Weld on site
  • Use the gas metal arc welding process

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