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What Line Width Where?

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What line width (or weight), do I use where, when structural drafting? In CAD, what color should I draw my structural elements. What line definitions suit what application? Below is a basic list which provide answers to these questions.

This article should be read in conjunction with the article: Standard colors and line weights in CAD.

Cut Sizes of Metric ISO Sheets
Dwg set Location Application Weight Color* Linetype**
Grid Grid lines 0.18mm Magenta Center
Footing Plan Proposed footings 0.5mm Red Continuous
Slab Plans Outlines 0.5mm Red Continuous
Slab Plans Wall under 0.18mm Magenta Hidden
Slab Plans Slab underside 0.35 Yellow Hidden
Slab Plans Reinforcement 0.7mm Green Continuous
Slab Plans Control Joint 0.35mm Yellow Dashed Dot
Slab Plans Isolation or Construction Joint 0.7mm Green Dashed Dot
Steel Framing Bracing 0.35mm Yellow Dashed Dot
Steel Framing Purlins 0.25mm White Continuous
Steel Framing Main Steel members 0.7mm Green Continuous
Steel Framing Secondary Steel members 0.35mm Yellow Continuous
DetailS Concrete outlines 0.5mm Red Continuous
DetailS Reinforcing bars 0.35mm Yellow Continuous
DetailS Reinforcing mesh 0.25mm White Hidden
DetailS Steelwork outline 0.35mm Yellow Continuous
DetailS Steelwork hidden 0.25mm White Hidden
DetailS Masonry 0.25mm White Continuous
DetailS Masonry hidden 0.18mm Magenta Hidden
DetailS X X X X
DetailS Indicative architectural items X X X
DetailS Waterproofing Membranes 0.25mm White Hidden
DetailS Timber 0.25mm White Continuous

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