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My Lisp Library

From Draftsperson.net

Name: My Lisp Library
Description: These are just a few of the top lisp routines you should check out in the library; HFACE.lsp -Create 3dfaces to hide entities around text, Enedit.lsp-Create a selection set quickly and easily, then take advantage of its powerful editing routines. Var.lsp -Creates a text file that records all the settings in the current drawing. When the restore button is pressed var.lsp quickly restores those saved settings. Spurge.lsp-purge command without verifying every purge. Brktxt.lsp-Break a line of text and either add it to another line or create a new line of text with it. Gpedit.lsp-Edit a polylines globally. Asview.lsp-View a text file and print it from Autocad. Clean.lsp -Finds all null text and text containing only spaces in your drawing so you can easily get rid of them.
Type: AutoCAD AutoLISP Routine
Author: See files
File Size: 657 Kb
Cost: Free
Worked on: AutoCAD
Download File: Library.zip

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