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*[[:Category:Geometry|Geometry]] *[[:Category:Geometry|Geometry]]
*[ Entourage AutoCAD Blocks] *[ Entourage AutoCAD Blocks]
-*[[Category:Free_Revit_Families]]+*[[:Category:Free_Revit_Families|Revit Families]]
*[[USA Jobs Portal]] *[[USA Jobs Portal]]
* [[Canada Jobs Portal]] * [[Canada Jobs Portal]]

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Getting your stuff on is easy! Simply send your files or articles to the editor and we will do all the tough stuff for you. Remember to include your publishing name, to get credit for your work! the editor today.

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  4. Understanding Annotation scales in AutoCAD - AutoCAD tutorial
  5. UXS - Unload all xrefs, save, reload all xrefs
  6. Daves Design Dynamic AutoCAD Block Page
  7. How to model a gutter on a sloping roof edge - Revit

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AutoLISP The programming language was added to AutoCAD in Version 2.18 in January 1986, and continued to be enhanced in successive releases up to Release 12 in June 1992. After that, its development was neglected by Autodesk in favor of more fashionable development environments. However, it has stubbornly remained AutoCAD's primary user customization language.


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