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*[[:Category:AutoCAD 2006 Tips & Tricks|AutoCAD 2006 Tips & Tricks]] *[[:Category:AutoCAD 2006 Tips & Tricks|AutoCAD 2006 Tips & Tricks]]
*[[Free AutoCAD Programs and Lisp routines|Free AutoLISP routines]] *[[Free AutoCAD Programs and Lisp routines|Free AutoLISP routines]]
-*[[:Category:Geomerty|Geomerty]] +*[[:Category:Geometry|Geometry]]
*[http://www.draftsperson.net/origami/ Origami by Al] *[http://www.draftsperson.net/origami/ Origami by Al]
*[http://associatesshop.filzhut.de/shop/index.php?ID=dca34be7f7374209f9ef6e900c834d6e Draftsperson.net shop] *[http://associatesshop.filzhut.de/shop/index.php?ID=dca34be7f7374209f9ef6e900c834d6e Draftsperson.net shop]

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What is a Draftsperson?

WHAT Is a Draftsperson? It is an artist skilled in technical drawing. The 'skill' is to draw complex instructions precisely and accurately. The 'art' is to arrange that information in an beautiful, eye pleasing way. Combine these two factors and you have accurate drawings that are easy to use.

DRAFTING includes any task that utilizes graphics to convey instructions to another person. Commonly this is associated with the making of plans for structures or mechanical devices before they are built.

DISCIPLINES of drafting include: Architectural, Civil, Structural, Plumbing, Cartography, Electrical, Thermodynamics (and HVAC), Mechanical, Hydraulics, Telecommunications, Materials and Aerodynamics.

ALTERNATE spelling, meaning the same thing, can be draughtsperson, draughtsman, draftsman, drafter or drafties.

CAD, or computer aided drafting, is the modern, principle tool, used by drafters to create drawings or plans. AutoCAD and Microstation are two popular CAD software packages.

Publishing your stuff

If you enjoy the free stuff on draftsperson.net, why not show you appreciation by sending in some of your own stuff for publishing? Email the editor at allan.wise@draftsperson.net.

Also check out the Wanted Articles page for ideas.


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