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Joints in concrete

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<tr> <tr>
<td class="top-left"><b>Joint type</b> <td class="top-left"><b>Joint type</b>
-<td class="top-left"><b>Abbreviation</b> +<td class="top-right"><b>Abbreviation</b>
<td class="top-right"><b>Linetype</b> <td class="top-right"><b>Linetype</b>
<tr> <tr>
<td class="top-left">Construction joint—general <td class="top-left">Construction joint—general
-<td class="top-left">CJ +<td class="top-right">CJ
<td class="top-right">[[Image:Continuous thin.png]] <td class="top-right">[[Image:Continuous thin.png]]
-straight CJ(S) F+<tr>
-dowelled DCJ K+<td class="top-left">Construction joint—straight
-keyed KCJ G+<td class="top-right">CJ(S)
-Isolation joint IJ A+<td class="top-right">[[Image:Dashed thin.png]]
-Contraction joints—+<tr>
-keyed KJ G+<td class="top-left">Construction joint—dowelled
-dowelled DJ K+<td class="top-right">DCJ
-sawn or trowelled joint SJ F+<td class="top-right">[[Image:Chain thin.png]]
-Expansion joints +<tr>
-dowelled DEJ K+<td class="top-left">Construction joint—keyed
-keyed KEJ G+<td class="top-right">KCJ
 +<td class="top-right">[[Image:Chain single thin.png]]
 +<td class="top-left">Isolation joint
 +<td class="top-right">IJ
 +<td class="top-right">[[Image:Continuous thick.png]]
 +<td class="top-left">Contraction joints—keyed
 +<td class="top-right">KJ
 +<td class="top-right">[[Image:Chain single thin.png]]
 +<td class="top-left">Contraction joints—dowelled
 +<td class="top-right">DJ
 +<td class="top-right">[[Image:Chain thin.png]]
 +<td class="top-left">Contraction joints—sawn or trowelled joint
 +<td class="top-right">SJ
 +<td class="top-right">[[Image:Dashed dashed thin.png]]
 +<td class="top-left">Expansion joints —dowelled
 +<td class="top-right">DEJ
 +<td class="top-right">[[Image:Chain thin.png]]
 +<td class="top-left">Expansion joints —keyed
 +<td class="top-right">KEJ
 +<td class="top-right">[[Image:Chain single thin.png]]
</tr> </tr>
</table> </table>

Revision as of 11:17, 31 October 2011

Joints shown in concrete plans or elevations as follows:

Joint type Abbreviation Linetype
Construction joint—general CJ Image:Continuous thin.png
Construction joint—straight CJ(S) Image:Dashed thin.png
Construction joint—dowelled DCJ Image:Chain thin.png
Construction joint—keyed KCJ Image:Chain single thin.png
Isolation joint IJ Image:Continuous thick.png
Contraction joints—keyed KJ Image:Chain single thin.png
Contraction joints—dowelled DJ Image:Chain thin.png
Contraction joints—sawn or trowelled joint SJ Image:Dashed dashed thin.png
Expansion joints —dowelled DEJ Image:Chain thin.png
Expansion joints —keyed KEJ Image:Chain single thin.png

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