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Free AutoCAD Programs and Lisp routines

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-Hand picked or written by me, these programs will increase the speed of your drafting. Currently I have successfully run these programs on AutoCAD 2000 and 2002. They should however work on other AutoCAD versions.+A selection of free AutoCAD LISP routines for you to try and enjoy or get some ideas for your next LISP winner !
-{| cellpadding="5"+<table width=100%>
 +<td valign="top" width=50%>
 +<h2 style="margin:0;background-color:white;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #a3bfb1;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Utilities</h2>
 +* [[AED - Edit Arc Lisp|AED - Edit arc a little differently!]]
 +* [[ARCDIST - AutoCAD LISP routine|ARCDIST - Distance of part of an arc without breaking lines]]
 +* [[ATB - All to bylayer, and we mean all]]
 +* [[Addlength.lsp - Free AutoCAD LISP|ADDLENGTH - Add lengths of lines together]]
 +* [[Dimrotate - rotate up-side-down dimensions LISP|DIMROTATE - rotate up-side-down dimensions]]
 +* [[E-P - Open Explorer to saved AutoCAD drawing path|E-P - Open explorer to drawing path]]
 +* [[FixBlock - Free LISP|FIXBLOCK - Make blocks bylayer and layer 0]]
 +* [[Hole symbols - AutoCAD LISP|Hole symbols for steel work]]
 +* [[RAG - Remove AutoCAD anonymous groups]]
 +* [[2D Door LISP Routine|2D Door]] A small Lisp program that draws a 2D door on your floor plan.
 +<td valign="top">
 +<h2 style="margin:0;background:white;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #a3bfb1;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Draw routines</h2>
 +* [[Draw Bolts - Free LISP|Draw all types of bolts]]
 +* [[ImportXYZ - Import coordinates LISP|ImportXYZ - coordinate input from excel]]
 +* [[Incoming File AutoCAD Stamp]]
 +* [[PLA - Area LISP routine|PLA - Area of room]]
 +* [[Roughen or scabble a line - Free AutoLISP|ROUGHEN - scabble a line]]
 +* [[UK Steelwork - Free AutoLISP|UK steel shapes]]
 +* [[Wisey's Steel Shapes LISP program|Wisey's Steel Shapes - Australia + USA]]
 +* [[Spring or Helical Tie LISP Routine|Draw a spring or helical tie]]
 +* [[WEBSEC - Draw your own steel sections]]
 +<h2 style="margin:0;background:white;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #a3bfb1;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Games</h2>
 +* [[Roulette - an AutoCAD game]]
 +<!-- Start footer -->
 +<td colspan=2>
 +{|width="100%" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="5" style="vertical-align:top;background-color:#ffffff"
|- |-
-|[[Image:WiseysSteelShapes.gif]]+! <h2 style="margin:0;background:white;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #a3bfb1;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Add your own favorite LISP to this page! Send them to the editor: [mailto:allan.wise@draftsperson.net allan.wise@draftsperson.net]</h2>
-|[[Media:WiseysSteelShapes.zip|Wisey's Steel Shapes]] - Draws metric and imperial steel members 40 KB Zip file contains: lisp routine that draws American & Australia steel shapes on different palettes. +
|- |-
-|[[Image:UK Steelwork.gif]] 
-|[[Media:UK Steelwork.zip|UK Steelwork]] - 26 KB Zip file contains: lisp routine that draws British steel shapes in plan, top and end view. Program works by clicking on toolbutton to select a steel shape. Thankyou Kieren Aubrey for this contribution. 
-|[[Media:Roughen.zip|Roughen]] - make irregularly zigzag lines. 4 KB Zip file. Use ROUGHEN when you want to turn a polyline or line into an irregularly zigzaggy line. For example, you can use roughened lines to designate existing concrete surfaces that have been roughened for better adhesion with new concrete. 
-|[[Image:Hole insert.gif]] 
-|[[Media:Hole insert.zip|Hole insert]] - Adjustable blocks of holes. 23 KB Zip file. Insert blocks of holes for top and side views and solid and hidden linetypes. Prompts for size and length of hole. 
-|[[Media:E-p.zip|E-P]] - Open Windows Explorer in the directory of current saved drawing. 1 KB Zip file. 
-|[[Media:Fixblock.zip|Fixblock]] - Changes selected blocks sub-entities to layer 0 with color 'byblock' but does not change the inserted layer original layer. 2 KB Zip file. 
-|[[Media:Pla.zip|PLA]] - Place text about the square metre area of a closed polyline. 1 KB Zip file. 
-|[[Media:Rag.zip|Remove Anonymous Groups]] - Large drawing files can occur if the drawing includes Anonymous groups. These types of groups can be created in AutoCAD or a third-party applications. 
-|[[Media:Incomingstamp.zip|Incoming CAD stamp]] - Using the block supplied you can stamp incoming AutoCAD files with your job number, todays date (automatic) and the path and file name of the CAD file. 
|} |}
-[[category:AutoCAD Programs & Lisp routines]]+{{Template:BottomPage}}

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A selection of free AutoCAD LISP routines for you to try and enjoy or get some ideas for your next LISP winner !


Draw routines


Add your own favorite LISP to this page! Send them to the editor: allan.wise@draftsperson.net

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