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The following is a list of food terminology related to commercial kitchen design:

  • A La Carte

To order from a menu with set prices.

  • Bain-Marie (Plural Bains Marie)

A vessel containing hot water into which another vessel is placed to heat its contents gently.

  • Banquet

Formal meal for a number of persons, all seated and served with the same meal at the same time.

  • Exposed

Unpackaged, uncovered, not protected against any likely contamination where related to food. Means visible where related to construction material.

  • Food Premises

Any shop, house or building, with all fittings and accessories and any van or other structure or any part thereof, where food is prepared and/or sold for human consumption.

  • Food Preparation Area

Any room or place used for the preparation and/or serving of food for human consumption.

  • Food Safety Program

A program that is set out in a written document, and kept at the food premises, which includes records of compliance and other related actions.

  • Food-Borne Disease

A disease that is likely to be transmitted through consumption of contaminated food.|

  • Handling - Handle

Includes the making, manufacturing, producing, collecting, extracting, processing, storing, transporting, delivering, preparing, treating, preserving, packing, cooking, thawing, serving or displaying of food.

  • Potentially Hazardous Food

Food that has to be kept at certain temperatures to minimise the growth of any pathogenic micro-organisms that may be present in the food or to prevent the formation of toxins in the food.

  • Preparation - Prepare - Preparing

Includes making manufacture, processing cooking and treatment of food for human consumption.

  • Ready-To-Eat Food

Food consumed in the same state as that in which it is sold and does not include nuts in the shell and whole, raw fruits and vegetables that are intended for hulling, peeling or washing by the consumer.

  • Self-Service Food

Unpackaged food exposed for sale to which the public has access.

  • Temperature Control

Maintaining food at required temperatures

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