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Drafting Storage Systems

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Every architectural, engineering and construction company needs an efficient drawing storage system that makes accessing plans, blueprints and maps in their office easy.

Staying organized on a construction job site, and architectural / engineering office or a planning department is an absolute must. Time spent scouring the office for a certain set of drawings, floor plans or maps is time wasted. It doesn't take much to setup a structured system for organizing plans and blueprints, but it does make it much easier when you have the right blueprint storage equipment on hand. As you will see there are many blueprint storage systems that can be had a discounted prices.

Making sure your blueprint storage system is up to par will save your company money by reducing the number of lost or misplaced drawings and blue prints.

Ideally, using a professional drafting storage cabinet keeps plotted CAD drawings, township maps, rendered art work and older hand drawn floor plans readily accessible. These blue print storage tubes, racks, file cabinets and boxes can also protect the drawings from wear and tear.

Here is some drafting storage equipment you may find in a typical architectural, engineering or construction firm office:

  • Drawing Hangers
  • Blueprint Boxes
  • Corrugated Roll Files
  • Metal Roll Files
  • Steel Flat Files
  • Blue print Storage Stands
  • Blueprint Racks
  • Blue print Storage Drawers
  • Drawing Roll File Storage
  • Blueprint Storage Boxes
  • Drawing Boxes
  • Flat Blueprint Storage
  • Rolled Blue print Storage
  • Mobile Blue print storage
  • Rolled Upright Document Storage
  • Large File Folders
  • Steel Roll Files
  • Steel Flat Files
  • Blueprint Storage Cabinets
  • Blueprint Storage Files

Some drafting storage systems are also fireproof, so be sure to check with the manufacturer if that is important to your firm.

Whether you need a flat blueprint storage system, or rolled blueprint storage options, there are a vast selection of drafting storage units available to meet your needs.

Brands such as Mayline, Safco, Ulrich, Advanced Organizing Systems, AOS, Schwab, Facil and Alvin offer popular storage systems for your drawings.

Engineering, architectural and construction documents are often stored laterally, hung vertically or drawings can be organized in corrugated roll files.

Drafting storage systems also come in various sizes and prices, depending on your firms needs.

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