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Architects Terms - What they really mean

From Draftsperson.net

  • Sense of Entry: The front door is big and far away.
  • Human Scale: less than 400 feet tall.
  • Skewed Grid: The design looked too boring with a regular grid.
  • Contextual: Is surrounded by a lot of other buildings the architect couldn’t tear down.
  • Theoretical: Nobody in their right mind would ever consider building the crazy thing.
  • Signature Building: You can’t afford it.
  • Less Is More: The designer ran out of ideas.
  • International Style: No country will take responsibility for it.
  • Deconstructivist: The backhoe ran into it during construction ­- and they liked it.
  • Jury: Firing squad.
  • Design Review Board: Failed architecture majors.
  • Architecture Student: Egotistical masochist with no money.
  • Contractor - A gambler who never gets to shuffle, cut or deal!
  • Bid Opening - A poker game in which the losing hand wins.
  • Low Bidder - A contractor who is wandering what he/she left out.
  • Engineer's Estimate - The cost of construction in Heaven.
  • Completion Date - The point at which liquidated damages begin.
  • Liquidated Damages - A penalty for failing to achieve the impossible.

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